GALLHAMMER Gloomy Lights. Digibook CD

Media: CD + bonus Digipack

Label : Peaceville
Press : CDVILEF278 - Japan
Year : 2009

New or Used : reissue new

Info : The debut album from acclaimed Japanese Trio now available on Peaceville with two bonus tracks.
Gallhammer's debut album , 'Gloomy Lights' was originally released in November 2004 & the 8 track album created a new, unique and dark sickly sounding atmosphere of their own, blending the best of punk attitude, doom & black metal into something highly original & unusual, with Vivian describing Gallhammer as "the essence of mental violence", with lyrical themes covering topics such as "despair, hopelessness and observations of negative feelings".
Presented in a deluxe digibook, this new, special edition of 'Gloomy Lights' contains 2 rare bonus recordings of 'Blossom in the Raven River' & 'Lust Satan Death', plus new packaging & liner notes written by main member Vivian Slaughter.

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