DESTROYER 666 To The Devil His Due

Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Hells Headbangers
Press : HELLS066CD - Australia
Year : 2011

New or Used : original new

Info : CD version with 8 page booklet archiving all EP cover art, lyrics, band photos & liner notes.
Australian and antichrist, king of kings, the lords of the wild: the legendary DESTROYER 666 are all this and infinitely more, feeding the hellbangers' insatiable need with their long-awaited "To The Devil His Due" collection. Compiling the band's cult (and long-out-of-print) 7" vinyl releases onto a fiery full-length, "To the Devil His Due" is perhaps DESTROYER 666's greatest clutch of songs, their most memorable material ever, immediately ingraining and marching forward to victory. Satanic speed metal majesty with which to dominate, fuck, and destroy - "To The Devil His Due"! Recommended for diehards of DESTROYER 666, because there is only one DESTROYER 666, now and forever.

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