LVCIFYRE Sacrament. Black Vinyl

Media: LP
Label : Dark Descent
Press : DDR217LP - United Kingdom
Year : 2019

New or Used : original new

Info : After the leveling aural decimation of 2014's “SVN EATER,” the UK's LVCIFYRE have re-emerged with “Sacrament,” a 23-minute extended-play offering of cacophonous and wretched death metal savagery. Where relentless and violent death metal riffing meets chaotic and claustrophobic atmosphere, “Sacrament” is a delve into the corner of death metal fringe that many fear to explore.
Includes full-color poster and digital download card, Single-sided 23-minute EP w/ etched "b" side.

15.00 EUR  14.00 EUR
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