THE TRUE WERWOLF Devil Crisis. Red Vinyl (Gatefold Cover)

Media: LP 180-220 gr Gatefold

Label : Werewolf
Press : EVIL000GLPred - Finland
Year : 2020

New or Used : original new

Info : THE TRUE WERWOLF is a study in true patience and perseverance. The band was begun in 2002 as a solo endeavor by extremely prolific black metal scene legend Graf Werwolf, largely known for SATANIC WARMASTER and as the original vocalist of Horna. Work on THE TRUE WERWOLF was undertaken in secrecy, and scarce demos and EPs would trickle out in the underground, sometimes posthumously. Each step of the way, however, a commitment to raw 'n' rotten black metal was firm and unyielding, brewed in the ancient ways of the early '90s. And although comparisons to SATANIC WARMASTER are understandable and locatable, THE TRUE WERWOLF largely resides in a different headspace for mainman Werwolf, where medieval witchcraft, vampirism, and mysticism run riot, and the sound suitably existed on an axis of hideousness.

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