KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR War of the Voivodes. Black Vinyl

Media: LP 180-220 gr x 2 Gatefold

Label : Doomentia
Press : DOOM127L1 - Spain
Year : 2014

New or Used : original new

Info : To salute this long-awaited vinyl version, included here are no less than five bonus tracks: two covers (IMPALED NAZARENE, NAPALM DEATH) recorded by the band's drummer Joe Bastard in his homestudio in December 2011 and three live tracks recorded by Javi ‘Bastard' Félez from GRAVEYARD and MOONTOWER studio in June 2011, among them a scorching and epic 13 minutes+ version of “Kingdom of Darkness”. Overall, over 25 minutes of extra material and a gatefold ‘deluxe' design to die for, ugh!

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