CAN BARDD The Last Rain. Silver Vinyl

Media: LP 180-220 gr x 2 Gatefold

Label : Northern Silence
Press : NSP168LPsilver - Suisse
Year : 2020

New or Used : reissue new

Info : With the debut "Nature Stays Silent" Cân Bardd already enthralled a lot of fans in the Atmospheric Black Metal community. "The Last Rain", Cân Bardd's second album, continues where the debut left off, and yet turned into a huge step forward from the already very good material of its predecessor. Improved songwriting as well as an excellent production this time around solidify Cân Bardd's ambition to stand proudly in the Atmospheric Black Metal olymp alongside bands like Caladan Brood, Summoning, Sojourner, Elderwind, Eldamar or Pure Wrath.
Double LP in gatefold cover, limited to 199 copies on silver vinyl.

22.00 EUR
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