SINMARA Hvísl Stjarnanna. Smoke Vinyl

Media: LP 180-220 gr Gatefold

Label : Van
Press : VAN253LPsmoke - Iceland
Year : 2019

New or Used : original new

Info : 180g smoke vinyl housed in gatefold jacket. Comes with LP-sized, 12-page booklet and double sided A2 poster.
A monument to the group's namesake dark sorceress goddess, keeper of the baneful sword Lævateinn, ‘Hvísl Stjarnanna' is bound together thematically by myths relating to sirens, ghosts and malevolent spirits beckoning from beyond. To heed the whisper of the stars is to be transfixed by a dreamlike connection and melancholic yearning for the realm beyond the stars, to be guided by the mediators between the world of the living and the nightside of the dead.

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