Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Dark Descent
Press : DDR227CD - USA
Year : 2019

New or Used : original new

Info : Having eclipsed their 13th year, stalwart american death metal veterans Father Befouled return, their brands still hot with the flames of 2017's “Desolate Gods” with “Holy Rotten Blood,” An enormous 26 minute EP of all-new morbid and unholy, dismal death metal. With new drummer Amos Rifkin (Deceased, Death of Kings) in tow, they are poised to even further espouse their militant focus of blasphemy and holy mockery. Adding even more texture and harmonies to their already serpentine sound gives an honestly uneasy feeling across tracks. The morbid and abysmal is owed to Dan Lowndes (Resonance Sound Studio, Cruciamentum) who once again handled mixing and mastering.

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