DAKHMA Hamkar Atonement

Media: CD Digipack

Label : Iron Bonehead
Press : IBP386DIGI - Suisse
Year : 2018

New or Used : original new

Info : Hamkar Atonement, DAKHMA descend/ascend even deeper/higher, with seven hymns within a staggering 61 minutes: total sensory overload, immersion that begets annihilation that begets rebirth. Within a somewhat-familiar template of bestial black metal, the duo proceed to mangle and malform every malodorous nook and cranny within the idiom, stretching it past its capacity and into high art - no less hysteric and feral, that is. In fact, the results are far more frightening, and demand far more of the listener; those of intrepid constitution shall be rewarded with sub-vibrational hypnosis and possession, the very essence (and near-subversion) of ritualism. Hamkar Atonement is truly a journey, the very definition of Album Experience, and once again, the very music of death.

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