ORANSSI PAZUZU Valonielu. Black Vinyl

Media: LP Gatefold Gatefold

Label : Svart
Press : SVR226LPblack - Finland
Year : 2020

New or Used : reissue new

Info : Known thus far in North America only to the most attentive and adventurous of black metal fans, Finland's Oranssi Pazuzu has now channelled ‘Valonielu', their first album on a U.S. based label (third overall), to legions of fellow travelers seeking transcendence. The band name, a combination of the Finnish word Oranssi, which means orange and for the band symbolizes “cosmic energy”, and Pazuzu, a “mythic demon of the wind”, conjures perfectly the band's unequaled, singular take on Psychedelic Cosmic Black Metal; celestial and boundless but malevolently grim and harsh.

16.00 EUR

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