PUNGENT STENCH Ampeauty. Grey Vinyl

Media: Double LP Gatefold Gatefold

Label : Back On Black
Press : BOBV620LPgrey - Austria
Year : 2018

New or Used : reissue new

Info : "Ampeauty" is the fifth album of the Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench. It was originally released in 2004 on Nuclear Blast Records. The lyrical content is more fetish-oriented than on the previous albums, with many songs focusing on acrotomophilia and apotemnophilia. Musically "Ampeauty" is exactly what you would expect from an 80's Death Metal band – The melodies are kept slow, powerfully distorted and with a strong drum and bass line. Recommended for fans of Anal Cunt, Debauchery and Cannibal Corpse.

23.00 EUR

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